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AF scalper

AF-scalper is a fully automated scalper EA which trades based on breakouts of the ZigZag indicator levels. The EA is fully configured for trading EURUSD. It works on 30 minute timeframe (has not been tested on other timeframes). Although it is possible to optimize it for another time interval. I recommend that you use an ECN account with low spread and fast execution, and also use a VPS server with minimal delay.

  • Do not use averaging, grid, martingale
  • Uses the ZigZag indicator built into the MetaTrader 4 platform
  • Uses tight stop loss.
  • The EA trades using pending orders.


  • Use only ECN accounts with small spread
  • Tested on the EURUSD pair, although it did not undergo optimization on other pairs
  • The optimal timeframe is 30 minutes.
  • Use only accounts with 5 decimal places, the future versions will support operation with 4-3 digit instruments


  • Spread - Broker spread filter, if it exceeds the specified value, pending orders will be deleted.
  • Risk - risk as a percentage of the deposit. (enabled only if Lots=0)
  • Lots - fixed lot (if zero, activates the built-in MM calculation taking the value of Risk into account)
  • Magic - unique magic number
  • Timeframe - Timeframe for trading. Specified in minutes.(1 min=1; 5 min= 5; 15 min =15; 30 min =30; 1 hour=60; 4 hours= 240; 1 day=1440)
  • Dist_Order - Shift from the pending order to the level (can be both negative and positive)
  • Depth - Depth value of the ZigZag indicator
  • Deviation - Deviation value of the ZigZag indicator
  • Backstep - Backstep value of the ZigZag indicator
  • Stop Loss - Fixed stop loss. Set as a value with 5 decimal places
  • TakeProfit - Take profit. Set in points with 5 decimal places
  • Step - Trailing step, set as a value with 5 decimal places
  • Sec - The number of seconds after which the order will be closed if the profit does not increase
  • TimeStart - Trading start hour
  • TimeEnd - Trading end hour
Noel Nobleza
Noel Nobleza 2016.11.12 07:19 

Bought the Product and Runs V2.1 on Live Account on Pepperstone Razor start 2016-10-10. I believe this EA has a lot of potential to earn big, if optimized very well.

I give author 5 stars for support.

Manabu Yanagita
Manabu Yanagita 2016.10.21 00:10 

Not win at all v2.1

Mojtaba Ataee Hoseinzadeh
Mojtaba Ataee Hoseinzadeh 2016.10.10 09:23 

Not work in Real at all, just waste of money and time

Kirill Maloletkin
Kirill Maloletkin 2016.09.30 18:11 

К сожалению меня на mql5 в бан отправили, поэтому могу отвечать только в отзывах к советнику, моя почта kirmal@bk.ru, можно вместе подумать как и что устранить. Брокер xm.com (ошибка 130) а ошибку 148 я видел только в бэктестах, не знаю как будет в реале. Вообще идея что если цена далеко от уровня отложник можно удалить

Version 2.2 2016.11.11
Added the second strategy.
Version 2.0 2016.09.01
1. Completely redesigned the system for placing orders
2. Added new variables
3. Completely redesigned the algorithm for closing orders