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MACD Alert Pro

MACD Alert Pro is designed to be handy and useful while traders are working with many charts.

  • MACD Alert Pro creates the MACD with 2 different color based on what type of signal has been chosen by trader, Signal line Alert or Phase Change Alert.
  • Signal Line Alert will be issued when MACD signal line cross the MACD histogram.
  • Phase Change Alert will be issued when MACD histogram cross the 0 line.
  • Handy Chart Console, helps the trader to easily manage on which chart and what direction receives the alert.
  • Time Limit function helps to silent the indicator at the no trading market hours.

Indicator Parameters

  • Fast EMA Period: MACD fast EMA Period
  • Slow EMA Period: MACD Slow EMA Period
  • Signal SMA Period: MACD Signal SMA Period
  • Alert time start: Determines the time of the day that alerts has to be sent. Start.
  • Alert time end: Determines the time of the day that alerts has to be sent till. End.
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Version 1.20 2016.05.17
Minor bugs fix