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Five Minute Scalper

This indicator gives you the signal of trend the market which will go on.

When you see the arrow you must enter your position.

You should assign the stop loss for the last high or last low, or 15 points (150 pips) with 5-25 points (50-250 pips) as target.

This indicator is easy to attach to an ea.

This indicator will work best on All time frames.

Arrow appears depending on many algorithms that study the market positions.

Try the demo first you will see the results by your self.

Indicator properties

  • Use_System_Visuals: enable/disable visual styles.
  • Use_Notifications: enable/disable Push Notifications.
  • Use_Alert: enable/disable Alerts.
  • Use_E_Mail: enable/disable Email notifications.
Babak Shahabi
Babak Shahabi 2018.12.07 13:14 

I'm happy with quality of signals , specially if the market is alive and energetic !

rainwalker123 2018.07.22 11:37 

Very Good indicator

Aleh71 2017.10.25 14:44 


На демо результаты хорошие. Попробую на реале.


Version 1.7 2018.08.17
- Signals Improvement .
Version 1.6 2017.11.01
-More Accuracy
Version 1.5 2016.07.05
In this version:
Cloud removed and combined with arrows.
Signals improved.
Version 1.4 2016.03.02
Added new options:
-Visual style effect
-Push notifications
-E-mail notifications

Fixed some bugs.