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Market Statistics

Market Statistic indicator is based on a simple but effective seasonal calculation.

This means that it is able to analyze statistics monthly, weekly and daily comparing historical data presented on your platform.

The indicator puts in evidence the unbalance between negative and positive percentages in order to get a hint directional.

We believe that this type of information can help the trader to generate a correct market expectation.

The graphic logics is very simple, and when it shows a positive percentage of one of the periods, it is likely that the market throughout the session can respect the statistics. The same goes for negative percentage.

The market moves according to certain seasonal cycles and this indicator really would be an aid to identify these conditions.

Input Values

  • EnableD1 (to show D1 Info)
  • EnableW1 (to show W1 Info)
  • Enable MN1 (to show MN1 Info)
  • Long_color (color for LONG rectangle)
  • Short_color (color for SHORT rectangle)
  • TextColor (color percentage)
  • X-Y to move the indicator on chart


If you do not see the rectangle or you see 100% or 0% on the values, please update History Center for the symbol in analysis.

After that, reset the indicator on the chart.

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Version 3.1 2017.01.31
Add Statistics Year To Analyze in input
Add H1-H4 percentages
Version 3.0 2016.01.04

Add in input to analyse other Time Frames:
Enable_H1 (true/false)
Enable_H4 (true/false)

Add also an alert when ALL TF enabled are over 50%:
Enable Alert (true/false)
Version 2.0 2015.11.06
v 2.00

Refined power calculation.