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Panel Scalper 2

Good day, ladies and gentlemen.

This panel will be useful for scalpers who work very fast and don't have time to recalculate the lot size chasing a few points of profit. The Expert Advisor will do it for you by calculating the volume as a percentage of assets available for working.

It also will automatically place a take profit and a stop loss for you. In addition, it includes position tracking. If the profit of a position in points reaches BU_s, the stop will be moved on BU_p points in the profitable direction.

Trailing of profitable positions is implemented; it is turned on as the profit reaches TR_s points, and then it is moved in the profitable direction only. Distance from the current price to the trailing level is TR_d points.


  • Percentage_Lot - percentage of balance used for a deal considering the leverage at the moment of performing the deal (1).
  • SL - distance to stop loss, 0 - disable (100).
  • TP - distance to stop loss in points, 0 - disable (300).
  • BU_s - distance to start moving to breakeven, 0 - disable (150).
  • BU_p - distance for profit in points when moving to breakeven (20).
  • TR_s - distance for enabling trailing in points, 0 - disable (450).
  • TR_d - distance of the stop loss from the current price for trailing (150).
  • Slip_Page - slippage (0).


  • BUY - buy instrument.
  • SELL - sell instrument.
  • REVERS - reverse a position.
  • CLOSE - close a position.
  • BU - set a stop loss to breakeven (+1 point).
  • SL+10 - move a stop on 10 points in the profitable direction.
  • 50/50 - move a stop loss to the 50% profit level (if the position is profitable).
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