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Percent Crosshair MT4 Demo

Percent Crosshair is a powerful and easy percentage measure tool.

  • The full version of Percent Crosshair can be found here

ATTENTION: This demo version only works with these symbols:

  • NZDUSD (Forex Market)

Measure the chart percentage very quick! Don't waste your time anymore!

Just attach the Percent Crosshair indicator to the chart, select crosshair mode at toolbars or press "Ctrl+F" and start using the crosshair as you always do! The percent measure will be next to the indicative price.

Customize your indicator the way you want!

There are 4 entry parameters:

  • Positive % color: set the desired color when % is positive.
  • Negative % color: set the desired color when % is negative.
  • Font size: set the desired font size.
  • Number of digits after decimal point: if you want a more precise %, set a higher number (max 8).

You'll never have to use a calculator anymore!

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Version 1.11 2017.03.03
Working with all NZDUSD pairs, including NZDUSD.m, NZDUSD.e and others suffixes
Version 1.1 2016.12.23
Fixed the cases when Percent Crosshair can't display chart percent measures