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Zaidi Mansouri
MIGALO    Martingale expert adviser First way::::activate  maringale  input value migalo use simple candles indicator  (open ,close  japonais candles) use minimum lotsize IncresePoint :use it if your input  want change your values LostFactor :::::can you cheng it SECOND WAY MIGALO  trade ::simple strategie not use martingale use same indicator  like first way
30 USD
Bogatti ea :depends on the robot On the trading system by news from the: http://nfs.faireconomy.media/ff_calendar_thisweek Trading with lot increase (not Martingale). You can choose different trading risk values . And you can trade in your own way by changing the inputs as the arithmetic mean values and risk ratio,trailing stop,takeprofit ,stoploss The minimum lot for opening an order is set automatically, depending on the size of the balance and the selected risk.
50 USD