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The Expert Advisor is designed for trading at night on the EURGBP M15.  Does not use high-risk strategies such as martingale, hedging  and grid. Stop loss is always used to protect funds. The Expert Advisor uses an advanced algorithm of entry points, as well as several additional filters for entering and exiting the market. The Expert Advisor is easy to use, easy to configure, designed for the longest and most comfortable work on the market.

Recommended currency pair EURGBP M15.

The minimum deposit is $ 100.


  •  Always uses stop los;.
  •  Fully automated;
  •  High win rate  scalping;
  •  Does not use grid, hedging  and martingale;
  •  Designed for real trading on today's market conditions;


  • EA_Comment   -  trade comments that appears in the Trade and Account History tab;
  • AutoLots  - automatic calculation and setting of the lot size; 
  • Risk  -  maximum percentage of the deposit for calculating the dynamic lot value. Recommended values are 1 to 50;
  • Lots - fixed lot mode. Recommended value is 0.01 for deposit of $100;
  • Magic - the number by which the robot will distinguish its orders from strangers;
  • TakeProfit -  Take Profit in pips.
  • StopLoss -  Stop Loss in pips.
  • Spread -  max allowed spread in points (1 0/ 30 points);
  • MaxLots -  maximum allowed lot size.
  • OpenHour - trading start hour.
  • CloseHour - trading end hour.
  • Difference  GMT - time shift relative to GMT.

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