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Trade Pad One Click Trading Panel MT5

This is a trading panel that combines the most commonly used functions of traders

Can help you complete a lot of troublesome work

Panel operation is simple, 3 minutes to get started

The main function

  1. one click Open position
  2. One click Close position (there are 5 options)
  3. One click Place order
  4. One click Place multiple orders (grid)
  5. One click Modify multiple StopLoses (pending orders/positions)
  6. One click Modify multiple TakeProfit (pending orders/positions)
  7. One click Move all stoploses to Positions open price
  8. One click Trailling Mode
  9. Any modification of StopLoss and TakeProfit
  10. Any adjustment of tracking loss pips
  11. Set orders with horizontal lines 
  12. Account information display
  13. Performance statistics
  14. Panel moves freely
  15. Choose the panel size at will


Position , Order ,  Infomation

Program features

  • Suitable for any type of account
  • No special skills required, easy to get started
  • Simple and intuitive panel interface
  • Keep only the most important functions
  • Quick response to any instructions

How to test the panel

The trading panel does not work normally in the historical backtest, please download the DEMO version (free version) for testing,

(The DEMO version (free version) is only allowed to be used in the DEMO account (demo account))

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