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ZiWox Position Manager

ZiWox Panel

This is a greate tools for who love manual trading.

This panel with beautiful design, completely meets your needs

with this features:

  1. You can trade BUY/SELL with 2 button. Simple One-Click trading
  2. You can set your Orders Stop-Loss or Take-Profit manually OR let this tools manage them Automatically.
  3. You can set your SL, panel, get you best Order Volume Size. 
  4. Click on AutoSL/AutoTP/AutoLot. Pannel get you best SL/TP automatically base on ATR ( Analysis the market price in history)
  5. You analyse the market, deside to trade and action, you make a BUY. your orders going to loss, Dont Worry. this tools recover your orders to profit with Smart recovery option.
  6. Pannel Has AutoClose option. You can trade an order without TP. turn on the AutoClose option and leave your chart :) Ziwox close them in your desire profit Automatically.
  7. You have and other button to close all your orders manually. (if your account profit is in great profit or you are in emergency situation, Click, and all of your orders closed.)
  8. You have a trail function on this panel. turn it on. your Autoclose option turned of and manage your orders to make Bigger profit with SL trail option.
  9. YOU HAVE Market Session time On your Chart. SO you can have a better Decision to trade.
  10. AND Wow, you have NEWS FILTER on your CHART. All of news on the world, write on your chart base on your chart symbol/Pair

SO you have ALL of you NEED

Grate tools JUST in minimum Price of mql5 market.

Enjoy Forex lovers.

In test mode you have to turn on the "Show trade panel" option in input parameter.

Unfortunately, cause of limitations in the test mode, Many of the functions do not work. you can just trade (BUY and Sell) on test mode.

If you have any question or you need help Contact me on telegram (link in bio)

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