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Moroccan Indicator Scalping Free

This is a Demo

The strategy works on the ECN account (5min and more)

If you don't win with this strategy, you won't find the easiest

This is the simplest strategy in the world for beginners and professionals:

1 Buy: The indicator draws a blue line, when a candle closes above that line and the price reverses towards the line, Buy from that blue line. Put the stop on the red line and the take profit on the yellow line.

2- Sell: When it's a downtrend, and a candle closes below the blue line, and the price returns to the line, sell from the blue line, put the stop on the red line and take profit on the yellow line.

*** Risk management: the Lot is calculated at 2% (you can change it) of equity. so that all trades have the same percentage.

This video explains the steps of the strategy: https://youtu.be/3F8A1JM8tCw

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