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Amar Ya Alexandria

Hello all
The expert is working on the zig zag indicator
With Fibonacci levels
Moving average indicator
The method of opening deals depends on the numerical method of all indicators together
Entering into a position buy or sell  With the cooling of the multipliers, the closing of the winning buy deals and the closing of the winning selling deals
You can try with the same settings
One of the best frames M5
With the experience, the best Fremat appears.


Lot1: Manual Lot Size
Auto_Lot: Set true to automatically calculate optimal Lot Size based on risk preferences, Set False if you want to use manual lot size.
Max_Risk: Max Risk as percentage of Equity * the greater this percentage is the greater the lot size if auto lot is used.
win_Point: Control the target size by the number of pip.
Max_SPREAD: Spread volume control does not open positions when the spread is greater than the figure in the box.
Time_Start: Beginning of expert work on.
Time_End: The work is finished at the same
Magic_Number: EA Magic Number.

EA technically works on any currency pair, but for best results use
it on the following curves: EURUSD GBPUSD USDJPY USDCHF AUDUSD EURJPY USDCAD. or any other currency which spread less than 8pips
Time Frame:
M15 M30 H1 M5
Minimum recommended amount and leverage:
Min Recommended Leverage: 1: 400 or More.
Min Recommended Deposit: 1000 USD or Equivalent amount.
Lot 0.01
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