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BPI BotFx X1

BPI Bot Fx X1 for MT4 and have 1 File for entry market & include trade averaging too, Not use set TP & SL, Exit market by technical indicator

Attach this EA at chart any pair or single pair & use period or  time frame is D1 (Daily).

Signal BPI Bot Fx X1 for entry market (Trade1) base on several teknical indicator & Multi time frame indicator.

after entry market (Trade1) & floating loss with minimum distance about 25 pips (You can change up to 25p) & combine with teknical indicator is MACD (Cross).

the lot size for trade averaging is same with lot entry market (First Entry), not use lot martingale

you can attach at multi chart or multi pair at TF D1 ( Daily ) and Min Balance is 100 (100=in Std or 100 cent)

Use margin level percentage limiter, 10*leverage for hold new entry & 2*leverage for hold trade averaging & must set TRUE for parameter margin level percentage limiter

Group tele https://t.me/BotFxY2020

Group FB https://www.facebook.com/groups/BPIBotFxY2020

The robot has the latest update but it can't be upload

Please chat on tele @BadrusalamBPI, i will full support & full guide to you

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Версия 1.7 2020.09.09
Update signal entry
Версия 1.6 2020.09.04
add parameter & Variable
Версия 1.5 2020.09.04
Change Indicator
Версия 1.4 2020.09.04
Change EA Name Again
Версия 1.3 2020.09.04
Change EA Name & Change lot Step Balance
Версия 1.2 2020.09.04
Add Margin Level limiter percentage
1.For New entry Leverage*10=margin level limiter percentage1
2.For hold auto trade Leverage*2=margin level limiter percentage2
3.Use_MarginLevelLimiter must TRUE.