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Xince i4 Mode

Xincei4 Demo

This is the demo version, which can only be used to test with the demo account. To use it in a real account, please purchase another paid version on the main page.

Note:  This is not an EA, this is a system to help you trade. A system for analyzing and tracking the market, so testing history is meaningless because it does not automatically trade. This is a very useful tool.

The Xincei4 system is a weapon developed for high-frequency trading. It can automatically obtain the daily fluctuation range of each target in the market, allowing you to see the trend of each investment tool in the market at a glance.

Xincei4 also has a unique performance in position management. It supports the settlement of the top three orders with the largest profit and loss.

In terms of fund management, Xincei4 will retrieve the account information supported by the broker, such as the leverage ratio, the mandatory settlement rate, the standard contract of the funds required for the purchase, and calculate the size of the contract based on the current available funds, which is the cost of establishing and purchasing inventory, and the cost of selling inventory. Wait. All information will be presented in this column. This makes it easier for you to avoid blindly establishing warehouses during operations and ignore risks. When your risk reaches a certain level, Xincei4 will automatically remind you.

Xincei4 also synchronizes the server's time, which lets you know when the main foreign exchange market will open, allowing you to decide the future. If you like high frequency operation, you will like it.

The system also provides a music playback function, allowing you to enjoy your favorite songs in boring transactions in your free time. In addition, the system also prompts trading tips based on the encryption indicator algorithm. MT5 also provides a powerful 6 pending order modes.

By default, when you initialize the auxiliary chart, the system also provides several commonly used indicators to synchronize to the auxiliary chart. This is a very useful feature, which allows you to reduce the number of manual chart settings each time. You can also set your own style manually.

In addition, the system also provides seven commonly used international languages, which can be switched according to the native language.

*To use the (Music) function, please send an email to fbslan@sina.com to access and use music files for free. And instructions for use.

Instructions for use of local copy segment signal system

You must install two MT5s on the same computer, load Operateri4 and one open signal. An open acceptance.

1. The file system can synchronize the performance data of the mobile phone, and the hand can also be sent as a signal. You must activate the operator signal and then receive the signal from your computer.

This system is a local documentary system. You can use different MT4 to complete documentary on the same computer

2. The system is divided into two MT5 terminals or MT4 implementations, MT4-MT4, MT4-MT5, MT5-MT5, MT5-MT4.

3. This system needs to be completed on two MT4 terminals, so two MT4 windows need to be opened.

4. The broker system will have a certain delay, depending on the MT4 platform and network speed, usually within 1 second.

5. In order to be more compatible with the document effect, it is recommended to use the same broker platform between accounts.

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