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Fibonacci digger

This Expert Advisor is based on Fibonacci.

The principle of this system is to calculate the optimal withdrawal height after each forward movement of the market.

This system is very interesting, at any time, the account will only have one order.

This Expert Advisor signal is design from four hour cycle,changing the cycle of the chart will not affect the operation of Expert Advisor.

This Expert Advisor new order is limited price orders,You can change orders on your MT4 app.

The default parameter is Euro dollar design, do not use it for other symbols.

<<<Note that the value of [Maximum permitted open orders] must be the same as that of [ Lot size]>>>

default parameter

Lot size=0.05----New order lots size

Trailing Stoploss=700----unit is point

Break even Stoploss=300---- unit is point

Stoploss=700---- unit is point

TakeProfit=700---- unit is point

Minimum free margin level to allow Expert Advisor trading=0----Low to this level,the  Expert Advisor stop new order

Maximum permitted open orders=0.05---- hight to this level,the  Expert Advisor stop new order ,the value  must be the same as that of [ Lot size]

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Версия 1.1 2020.09.13
The process control of the fund management module is reorganized, and the code process is optimized to improve the code execution efficiency.