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Fx Revenge

REVENGE EA is an forex expert advisor that was built to operate metals, gold and silver, in the forex market.

This EA has complex algorithms and verifications that took months to build, based on insights from professional traders.

The REVENGE EA is fully automated, you don't need to do anything, just watch your account grow.

It has two types of configuration "Aggressive" and "Normal" that result in different earnings and risks. In both cases can configure maximum drawdown to limit your risk exposition.

The secret to be profitable on forex market is the risk managment, so follow the rules of this EA and you will be profitable.


  1. Don't wish be rich in one day, week or month. You will earn much money for a long time with this EA, just follow the recommendations.
  2. If your initial deposit is less than 2000$ we strong recommend to use micro/cents account, with low spread and fast execution.
  3. You can start with the amount that you want, it will work, but we recommend min 300$ in a micro/cents account.
  4. Withdraw your profit daily, weekly or monthly. The market is unpredictable so you should guarantee you take the profit to your pocket.
  5. Trust in the EA, do not close any entry manually.
  6. If you want to use on gold and silver at same time, ensure you have enough free margin



MagicNumber: Unique number to each chart. Each chart must have unique number here.

EA_PAUSE: If "true" the EA will not open new trades when current trades close. 

Agressive_Trading: When "true", the EA is more aggressive and will open more trades. More profit but also more risk.

LoteSize: Lote size to start open trades. 

SafeMode: Recomended is "true". When true can open less trades, but is is low risk.

NumTradesToCloseOnMinProfit: When reach this number of open trades, it will close all trades when reach min profit set below.

MinProfit: Min profit to close all trades. We recommend a profit of some cents, close to breakeaven.

MaxDrawdown_percent: When drawdown reach this percentage of account balance, all trades are closed and the EA will be stoped. You shoul restar ir manualy.

MaxSpread: Max spread to open trade.

TakeProfit: Take profit(may depend on broker but to silver min 15, gold min 200)

NexTrade: To open next trade( may depend on broker but to  silver min 20, gold min 200)

Please contact me after buying or renting the EA, I will add you to the telegram private group community and advise you the recommended settings to your account.

No one, even traditional banks, can guarantee at 100% that you will not lose money - if someone says that, is lying - so never use money that you need to your day life.

With this ea you will take the profit to your side with 99.9% sure. But the market is unpredictable so we must keep in mind the other 0.1%.

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