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This trading robot enters the market at the Frankfurt Market Open (9GMT on GMT +2), it takes one trade a day, if there's an open position already, it will wait until that one is closed before opening another one. It takes trades based on the previous days trend using a statistic with a Daily Market Direction Prediction assertiveness of 65.7%. Losing positions will have a Defense Mechanism applied, this will turn those into profit by creating a trading range, it also has a secondary algorithm which will prevent a significant market loss, these procedures or steps are what we call as “Cycles”.
This system successfully passed backtests from 2010 up to date and aims to profit every month.

Default Parameters are for EURUSD on the H1 Timeframe.


  • 0.01 lots for every $1000 in the account.
  • An account with Hedging capabilities.
  • Having the EA running on a VPS (Virtual Private Server).
  • The EA is meant to be running on only one chart of the same Symbol/Pair.
  • A recommended leverage of 1:400 or higher.
  • The EA will always have a Stop Loss and a Take Profit in place.
  • The EA has a text on the upper left corner that indicates the state of the system:
    • Waiting for trading hour: This means that the robot is waiting for the hour to be reached so that it can open a new trade only if there is no other trade already running.
    • Open trade running: This means that there is an open trade so it won’t take any more trades.
  • There is a graphic window (Panel) with a Button to Activate/Deactivate the EA functions, there are also two small buttons, one for minimizing the panel and another one for changing its place on the chart.


  • Button: The button has two states: Active/Inactive.
    • Active: allows new trades to be taken once all trades are closed.
    • Inactive: disables the ability to take new trades but will manage current open positions until they are closed.
  • Min Equity: This option allows the user to set a determined Drawdown for the account based on the equity. The value "0" deactivates said function.
  • Lot Size: Initial lot size for the EA.
  • Max Cycle: This allows the user to set the desired number of cycles for the Defense Mechanism based on their risk tolerance, the minimum number of cycles is 3.
  • Max Forced Cycle: This allows the user to set the desired number of cycles for the secondary Defense Mechanism (Forced).
  • Procedure when reaching the max cycle: Depending on your risk profile you might want to choose between:
    • Close everything: This closes all the open positions in a loss.
    • Forced Cycles: This will apply the secondary defense mechanism (Forced Cycles).
  • Pips SL: The Stop Loss distance for the first trade, it will turn into the defense range once reached.
  • Pips TP: The Take Profit for the trade.
  • Factor 1: This is the first multiplier of the robot, this one is used for the first cycle.
  • Factor 2: This is the second multiplier for the robot, this one is used forward starting on the second cycle.
  • Factor 3 (Forced): This is the multiplier for the secondary Defense Mechanism.
  • Max Spread in pips (first trade): This limits the spread size at which the robot will take trades to prevent slippage and avoid not being filled at the desired level due to high/low volatility.
  • Trading hour: This option allows de user to change the entry hour in case their broker is on a different time zone or if they want to test entering at different hours than the recommended one.

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