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Recover My Trades

What is this EA about?

This EA is right for you if you use martingale or grid systems without own recovery. Why?

Using Martingale or grid systems are pretty good on one hand because the give steady little return. But if the trend goes against the system, more and more trades are opened. It can lead to destroy your whole account.

During a trend there are some pullbacks. This EA is taking advantage of these pullbacks. It takes the oldest and youngest ticket to calculate the average price between these orders. It adds a little profit. If the price is reached it closes the 2 orders.
Now it can happen that the price moves against your system again. Your Grid-EA openes another order. The game continues till the trend returns to your favour and your Grid-EA closes all orders.

With this Recovery-EA I could save my account more than once.

Add this EA to your portfolio to save your account!

This EA does not open any orders, it just closes the orders which were opened by other EAs or by yourself. So there is no need to backtest this EA.

declaration of inputs:

Order Magic Number - specify the magic number on which the EA is working on
Grid Size for Activation - how many grid orders should be opened before recovery starts?
Drawdown for Activation [%] - what is the drawdown before recovery starts?
Force Recovery when Symbol Drawdown > x [%] - alternative to last two options
Add Profit for Recovery [Points] - add some profit points

Color Recovery Price Line - color of recovery line
Color Average Price Line - color if average line
Color Take Profit Price Line - color of take profit line
Notify on Smartphone - do you want to be notified if there was a recovery or a larger drawdown? (don't forget to place your ID in the option menue)

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