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Metadroid Demo


order · executor

Load Demo_version to checkup here.

Finde  M E T A D R O I D  on FF.

M E T A D R O I D   is a fully functioning order·panel, developed according to and with the  M E T A G R A P H.

It comes with the following functions:

ECN_Broker : setup to orderly modify the SL after opening of order

Spread_Alarm : if spread > Spread_Alarm tradingoperations are not allowed. Set up to your desired edge.

Spread_Warn : warning_level high spread.  Set up to your desired level.

Lot : default initiated orderlots.

Lot_Switch : the step lotsize changes with click on "MORE" or "LESS" on panel

Magic_Number : set to 0 if not needed. Of use if using more than one EA for order·modifying to avoid confusion.

SL / TP : pre·adjustment here.

A click on the "Spread_Button" on the order·panel gives access to two additional buttons top-left | bottom-left. Another click hides them back.

The top-one is the "DEL"_button : CAUTION ! with this button you delete SL and TP for all orders (buy AND sell) or if Magic_Number exists for all Magic_orders.

The bottom-one is the "SET"_button: ATTENTION !  with this button you (re)set your SL and TP for all orders (buy AND sell) and set them to the pre-adjusted values.

This is a hidden weapon which  may be useful, but should not be used !

Test its functions extensively on Demo-account with  M E T A D R O I D  Demo_version.

Trailing_Stop : default order·trailing

Profit_Stop_Money : closes all orders (if adjusted by Magic_Number) when reaching adjusted level of cash.

Order_Screenshot_ON : automatic screenshot at order·time.

The order_of_buttons on the panel is the following, beginning in the center at the order·lot,

up for BUY- down for SELL :

MORE | LESS : adjust orderlots by pre·adjusted values (Lot_Switch).

BUY | SELL with KITE_symbol

The following buttons are appearing in case order is opened :

net-position separated by order·type

floating order·profit

Reverse BUY | Reverse SELL : this buttons hedges the accordingly order·types (BUY|SELL) with the (widely unknown) closeby·order.

Open orders get closed by opening an opposite position with the same lot·size. An additional lot·size equal to the closed·orders is (same-time) opened, because the hedges gets instantly closed, so the lot·size is after the hedge the same as before.

Please study this form of hedging, which is pretty usual in stock_market_trading. Otherwise ignore this button please. The next one lets you close your orders the usual way.

The hedge·closes automatically.

 : close all (separated buy | sell) orders via standard close·order.

ADDITIONAL_Button, frequently every quarter appearing in corner 3, is a panic_button · GET OUT·

This button closes all account-orders. ! It is obligatory existent and I do not know if it will survive the time..

Please profit for short time of reduced introductory offer!

Sincerely     JD

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Версия 1.3 2020.07.31
1.2: behaviour news-panel adapted if use of trade_buttons del/set, ripped GET_OUT_butto, NOW FREE FOR EURJPY ALL TF !!
Версия 1.1 2020.07.21
1.2: behaviour news-panel adapted if use of trade_buttons del/set, ripped GET_OUT_button