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Logic Hedger

This EA opens Buy/Sell position every time hit TP . Not uses SL but a trailing method functionality

that moves TPs on your desire settings , so all orders that not hit TP remain on chart until deleted

buy the trailing method functionality .

Settings :

1) Take profit value in pips ( for every buy/sell order )

2) Trail distanse  value in pips ( the distance in pips that opens ''trail add'' functionality )

3) Trail add ( the TP movement on your desire settings )

4) Brake limit ( the distance in pips that opens ''brake limit add" functionality )

5) Brake limit add ( the highest distance used for adjusting effectively TPs )

6)Indicator lot size (for example If both MACD & RSI are in agreement then the lot size of indicator trade on value you have set and the standard lot size remains on what it is.)



Suggestions : The EA use a lot of margin so make sure you test it on your demo account or MT4 tester.
Try to have good distance tape profits and tight trailing stops if you want to save margin cost.

The EA can trade at all currency pairs and every broker that allow hedging.

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