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Product X

The bot Product X is an Idea to simply trade with little parameter. It is full automatic with her internal parameters for the selected list of charts.

Product X is designed for trading with specified symbol and period within Symbol list and period list as follows:

Major currency and XAUUSD.

PERIOD LIST   M5  M15  M30  H1  H4

Trader require to set the charts as per the trade allowing by Product X. Product X enter the Heiken Ashi Indicator and silence time after profits. 

With it trailing system is make the Product X have a reasonable profit at the current market condition. But it may not have a profit within next market suitiation so need to repeat the trading evaluation periodly.

It is nescessary to switch or turn off the Product X  once you find that the current testing result is not in the direction of your demand.

As the Product X can not make a profit with all currency pairs. I search from the main currency to every periods and present to  some of best result for today trade.

I would remind that following up the trade is a importance of thing for you to win the forex markets. To switch off and switch on the bot and not continuous run. Project X may match in only some period on the way but with your carfully following the result, you can gain profit in long way so It is recommend to provide the evaluate time by time. 

Parameter to trade is only magic number and protection spread control. I use target down drown  for choice of your risk preference.

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Версия 2.0 2020.06.17
Add parameter for trade 6 majors currency and XAUUSD.