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StrobotUltimate Trading System

Price includes the Robot, you can demo just the indicator. Please get in touch when purchasing.

StrobotView looks on the 4 Hour chart for trading opportunities (it also checks Daily and 1 Minute)

On generation of a signal, it will alert and send email/notification

We have a robot that automatically trades the signals and a user group of traders that you can join free.

https://www.strobotultimate.com - click Trading Group to join our Discord, note that you can get STROBOTULTIMATE in another way please check our website.

The Robot is available at an extra charge and is signalled by the StrobotView indicator. (you cannot purchase the robot without StrobotView)

Please note, this software is very sensitive to the market and sometimes will not generate a signal for a day or so. 

https://youtu.be/-vN-WRf55t4 < set up video

https://discord.gg/MEz2rR - discord group

https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCpSj1SzctkT2YmAiM_ktIFA <- Youtube Channel

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Версия 23.4 2020.08.08
Improvements for trend finding
Версия 21.5 2020.07.27
Updates for trading stocks/indices
Версия 20.0 2020.07.13
Version 20 - Removal of 15M timeframe - only looking at 1m 1h 4H 1D 1W now.
Версия 19.8 2020.07.10
19.8 - Code efficiency and tuning
Версия 19.6 2020.07.08
ATR Tightening see you tube channel for details.
Версия 19.3 2020.07.07
Version 19.3 - Timing upgrades.

Please see www.strobotultimate.com
Версия 19.1 2020.06.27
- Better Signals
- Faster
- Requires Less memory
- many other improvements

Visit www.strobotultimate.com and join our discord group
Версия 17.8 2020.06.15
Bugfix causing occasional out of memory errors
Версия 17.7 2020.06.15
Bug fixes and updates
Версия 17.5 2020.06.15
17.5 Code efficiency increased.
Версия 17.4 2020.06.14
The daily and 4 hour are now shaded on the chart looks pretty cool and gives a clearer indication of market intention
Версия 17.3 2020.06.13
17.3 - Bugfix
Версия 17.2 2020.06.13
17.2 Includes a slight change to the entry calculations
Версия 17.1 2020.06.12
Target change please see videos

Версия 17.0 2020.06.11
Updates to the screen
better entries