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Financial freedom with realistic mindset

New product by COSMOS4U



The needs of the average investor for financial freedom by using reliable and realistic products are greater than ever. By fully understanding these needs, we created an Expert Advisor that will enhance the average investor’s efforts for financial freedom.

It took our team three years of scientific research, over 7 billion tests and six articles in scientific journals, taking account the following factors:

- No one can get rich of sudden.

- The quick profit is risky so an average drawdown larger than a safer is required.

- Monetary goals should be realistic to avoid false promises.

Top pro traders who manage millions of dollars say they enjoy 10% - 15% annual returns and the idea of a trader managing a small account doubles, triples or quadruples his or her capital in just one year is completely wrong.

   ADXPivot XAUUSD returns 54.8% annually and 7,807% over a decade!


All you have to do is answer yourself the following three questions:

1) Can you think and plan long term?

2) Do you consider a 54.8% annual return a realistic goal?

3) Do you have the temper to withstand a 61.8% drawdown in order to increase your equity by 7,807% over a decade?

If your answer to at least one question was “Yes”, then with ADXPivot XAUUSD you can implement your financial freedom plan.

 BUY ADXPivot XAUUSD NOW and let the robots grow your capital


Read technical and parameters descriptions below:

Technical description:

This EA trades on rules applied to the ADX and Pivot technical indicators, with each indicator opening and closing positions independently.

In order to open positions, various thresholds on the ADX indicator are used and in order to close them it uses a trailing stop loss as well as various exit thresholds.

Crossovers of the asset's price against the various lines of the Pivot indicator are also used in order to open and close positions, as well as a stop loss level and a trailing take profit level.

The Pivot is primarily used to capitalize on long term trends while the ADX is used for detecting short term trends. For that reason ADX closes its positions before each weekend while Pivot does not, unless specified by the user.

The positions' volumes are calculated automatically based on risk parameters given by the user.

It should be noted that the EA trades only on the H1 timeframe

Parameters description:

Indicative Capital Risk(%): the percentage of an account's equity that the EA will risk to lose over a certain price change

Price change(%) for loss of Indicative Capital Risk(%): the percentage of price change that needs to happen for the EA to lose the above amount

Margin Level Threshold %(>100): the minimum margin level required for the EA to trade

Enable Pivot close at WKNDs: whether the Expert Advisor will close its open positions before the weekend

Hours post market opening on Monday: how many hours after the markets open on Monday the EA will start trading

Hours prior market closing on Friday: how many hours before the markets close on Friday the EA will close its positions for the weekend

Filling Policy by COSMOS4U system: let the EA specify the filling policy of its orders

Filling Policy Selection: which Filling Policy the EA shall use

Enable Debugging messages: prints detailed log messages


Based on the results, the long term return, the risk calculations and the few trades to be made, the default and proposed position opening corresponds to 10% of the capital. You can modify this percentage at your own risk for the results. There is a risk of losing the whole capital but it decreases with the reduction of the Indicative Capital Risk.

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Версия 2.0 2020.05.11
Added Stop Loss and Take Profit modifications orders.
The EA also saves important variables of an opened position to a file and read them when necessary.