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The Monster

THE MONSTER, algorithmic genius. $ = MC2

The Monster is a fully automated and autonomous trading system. Its algorithm seeks changes in the main market trend to take advantage of these price movements.

It has several filters to try to eliminate the largest number of false signals, it is for this reason that The Monster performs few trades per month, always looking for those trades of greater probability.

In trading, a greater number of operations does not mean higher profits.

It does NOT use dangerous trading systems like martingale, grid, coverage, etc. All operations always have Stop Loss and Take Profit.

Unique opportunity!!, get Monster totally free

Monster HankBook

Interesting option: https://www.mql5.com/en/market/product/46422#!tab=tab_p_overview


  • Time Frame: H4
  • Symbol: EUR/USD 
  • VPS recommended
  • 5 digit broker
  • Always Stop Loss and Take Profit
  • Without toxic strategies, no martingale, no scalping, no coverage or grid systems, etc.

Real Account Monitoring: https://www.mql5.com/es/signals/688058#!tab=tab_account


  • Money Manager: Capital Management System
  • Fixed Lot: Lot per trade in case of "Money Manager = Fixed Lot"
  • Balance, Lot: Balance amount per Lot in case of "Money Manager = Balance"
  • Spread Filter Active: High Spread Protection (recommended)
  • Max Spread: Maximum spread accepted in case of "Filter Spread = true"
  • Magic Number: EA magic number
  • Slippage: Maximum slippage accepted
  • EA Comment: Comment on EA for trade


  • Aggressive mode:    Capital = 100   Lot = 0.05 (not recommended)
  • Normal Mode:          Capital = 100   Lot = 0.03
  • Conservative Mode: Capital = 100   Lot = 0.01

Expert Advisor developed by Strategic Forex Systems


Always trade using money that you are willing to lose. When you use an expert advisor for the first time, perform tests in the Backtest, check it first in a demo account, or in a real account with a minimum lot. Much success with your trading.

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