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AI Self Learning

IBRAIN2020++   ibrain is an algoritm based on artificial intelligence and self learning. (Neural network based on the MACD. We also included the ZIZAG indicator (Merill Pattern) and the sell/Buy Stop method).
It works perfectly in M1 periods, which allows scalping.
This algoritm excels on assets like NG (natural Gas), low volatility, low spread, and low commission.
Learning is easy over a short period of 12 months by gradually fixing the stoploss/Profit (5, 10.15... at each end of learning over 12 months) by fixing the Read History to false and the save history to true during the learning period.
Indeed during the learning period the curve will be degressive, and therefore it will be important to fix a substantial balance to allow learning over twelve months.
Also at the end of this 12-month learning period at 100% history, you can put the Read History to true and keep the Save history  true, the learning being almost permanent. This action must be repeated as long as there is a positive ascent of the curve.
The Probab can increase the number of trades, very important for learning, it can be fixed between 0.72 and 0.75.
Some broker sets the minimum lot at 0.01 and in this case the Coeff will have to be at 2, in case the minimum lot is equal to 0.1 the coeff will have to be equal to 1, or even 0 if the minimum lot is set at 1. The Risk allows the lot to be gradually sullied as the scale progresses.
Trade volume of the position dépends on previous trading result. It provide the possiblility to limit the maximum risk ( in % of deposit) of the trade.
Good Trading with this first version (see screenshots)
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Версия 1.2 2020.01.20
included sell limit that boosts operations, and thereby supports low spread CFDs (1-15)
Версия 1.1 2020.01.15
Some changes to support more assets like NG