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NOHO Market Profile Professional


NOHO Market Profile shows the market's price activity recorded in relation to time in a statistical bell curve, outlining the most important price levels, value area and control value of several time frames trading sessions.

  • Get full control of your trading with several market profile sessions designed for a deeper analysis of the markets.
  • Improve your Scalping and Intradia analysis with fully adjustable map periods from 15 minutes to monthly.

Sessions time periods:

 From 15 minutes to Monthly.

Session start mode:

  • "Previous map" indicates that the indicator will draw maps from the last one that was completely formed.
  • "Current map" indicates that the indicator will draw maps starting with the one that is currently being formed.
  • "Back test" is a special feature to set the start date and time that the indicator will draw.

Back test start date and hour:

 This function is used to set the start date and time for back test mode only.

Sessions to look back:

 Indicates how many maps the indicator should paint. If this section is set to zero, only the map being formed will be displayed.

Histogram width by tick size:

 Allows to adjust the size of the market profile lines to increase the speed performance of the indicator.

Session adjust by minutes:

 Allows you to move the map to the right or left the minutes you want. Positive values to move the map to the left and negative values to move the map to the right.

Map index:

 Adjust the number of the market profile you want to see the critical levels.

NOHO Market Profile gives you a total customization of the visualization of maps, colors, levels, signals, etc.

Works on every timeframe and pair.

    It can be fully adapted.

      Indicator does not repaint.

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      Версия 1.1 2020.03.18

      Improved user interface.