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O Max System

O' Max Tradeing System 

The EA is  a unique, high quality and resiliency trading tool because we have incorporated a lot of the way and flexible control system.

The Special

  • Two System in a EA,Nomal System is a Trend trade,Contrarian  System is a martingale(can choose on or off).
  • The Trend trade add order  increase profit.
  • Have a simple CCY Power system.
  • Recording of top price & reach a certain distance reopen order.
  • Can Set the Time setting use on night scalper.

This EA is suitable for trading EUR/USD, CAD/CHF, USD/CAD, AUD/USD, EUR/CAD, EUR/AUD, AUD/CAD, , or any symbols you like. Defaults setting are not optimized for any symbols, please find your own setting before use.

Minimal recommended deposit: $1000 per 0.01 lot.

EA parameters

=== Entery Setting

  • Entery Type - Type A is Single direction open order. Type B is Double direction open order.   

=== Effective CCY Power

  • Use Effective CCY Power - if true use EFF CCY Power.
  • Effective CCY Power High - 
  • Effective CCY Power Low -
  • Effective CCY Power Difference -   Min Distance of two CCY

=== Normal Order Setting

  • Normal Lot Size - Order size in lots
  • Normal Margic Number - ID number of the normal orders
  • Normal Comment - ID comment of the normal orders
  • Normal Buy Maxmin Order - Maximum number of Buy orders
  • Normal Sell Maxmin Order - Maximum number of Sell orders

=== Normal Add Order Setting

  • Use Lot Expoent - 
  • Lot Size Expoent -
  • Normal Pipe Step Protection - Control Add order pipe step
  • Normal Min Buy Up pipe Step - Min of pips step
  • Normal Min Sell down pipe step - min of pips step
  • Use Renew Buy/Sell Up Price - if true Renew the record  for buy up /sell down price

=== Normal Exit Setting

  • Close Order Method - Separte Order per order closing.All Buy/Sell Order close all order
  • Separate Order TP in Pipes - Take profit in per order
  • Frist Order Take Profit in Pipes(0 not use) - Take profit in first order(Close all order)
  • Normal Total TP $ Per 0.01 Lot = 1 point - Take profit  in Total lot average to 0.01(Close all order)
  • Trailing Distance in Pipes(0 not use)(Just use on close all Order) - trailing stop value in pipes
  • Stop SL If Contrarian Order Will Opening - If true is Contrarian Startes will disable Normal Order Stop Loss
  • Frist Order Stop Loss In Pipes(0 not use) - Stop loss in First Order(pips) 
  • Normal Total SL $ per 0.01 Lot = 1 point -  Stop Loss in Total lot average to 0.01
  • Use Cool Down - If True Is Finsh Order Stop opening
  • Cool Down Hold Bar - Stop in bar

===Contrarian Add order System

  • Use Contrarian Add Order System - If true is switch on Contrarian system
  • Use Record Normal System SL Start Contrarian - If True is the normal order Stop Loss will start up contrarian system & record price
  • Use updated Start Price - Updated of higher price for sell / lower price for buy
  • Start Contrarian Add Order In pipes - 
  • Start Contrarian Lot Size - Order size in lots
  • Contrarian Add Order Pipestep - Min of pips step
  • Contrarian Magic Number - ID number of the contrarian orders
  • Contrarian Comment - ID comment of the contrarian orders
  • Contrarian Buy Maxmin Order - Maximum number of Buy orders
  • Contrarian Sell Maxmin Order -Maximum number of Sell orders
  • Use Lot Exponent -
  • Lot SizeExponent -

=== Contrarian Add Order Exit Setting

  • Use Nomal + Contrarian Profit(If Use record Entery Must be false ) -
  • Contrarian Total TP in $ - 
  • Contrarian Total SL in $ -
  • Finsh on Time Contrarian opening Close All order -
  • Number of Times of Contrarian opening -
  • If Contrarian Order SL will Lesson Number of Times -

simon 2019.12.16 15:32 

Just perfect, in less than a month with small lots, I had the price of the EA in return already. kit is always up for help when needed and also always look for improvements!