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LSM Portfolio Hedge Indicator

LSM PHIndicator  is a ideal tool to identify Trend and Supply/Demand Zones for Portfolio Basket Trading which is consist of

Any two or three currency pairs(Main Pair: EURUSD / Sub1 Pair: GBPUSD / Sub2 pair: USDJPY).

It can be use of scalping/day trading or swing trading with Portfolio Basket SL/TP Ratio.

It has itself " MTF_MP(Multi Time frame_ Multi Pairs)" Trend filtering system in the indicator.

Process of trading: Two Method(A & B)!

A. Alert On: "Entry Supply/Demand Zones" / Reversal Swing Trading!

  1. Identify Entry Point by Alert: Combining with "LSM SupplyDemandZones Indicator
  2. Trend filtering by MTF_MP Signal & Make a Entry Plan: Proper Entry Point / High Probability
  3. Open positions in same direction or Mixed it: ex) EURUSD/GBPUSD/USDJPY(Any 2 or 3 currency pair: BB(B) / (B)BS or SS(S) / (S)SB)
  4. Make a Exit Plan: Set up Portfolio Basket SL/TP Ratio(1:1 / 1:2 / 1:3)
  5. Exit: CloseOrder by Manual or External EA

B. Alert On: "UPTREND/DOWNTREND_STRONG" / Catch the Trend! ( Trend Scalping Trading: follow Same As above 1st Method)

TF: H1/H4/D1

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Версия 1.5 2019.06.27
Improved coding of Trend Signal.
Версия 1.4 2019.06.26
Trend Signal is added: MTF_MP

1. It can be used of Trend filtering AND,
2. Also, can be catch the trend for Entry/Exit Point.
Версия 1.3 2019.06.17
Fix minor bugs.