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The DayTradeMaster(DTM) will give the trading opportunities for the day on any particular pair.

Simply attach it to any chart, and it will analyze the short term trend and give you a trade with the following features:

  1. Entry Zone
  2. Target
  3. Stoploss or trade invalidation level
  4. Risk:Reward from 1:2.5 to 1:6 at the sweet spot.
  5. All trades are with the trend
  6. Send Email with full trade setup
  7. Popup notification to watch for trade setup
  8. Can choose the trend time frame to choose the trade setup.

Here is how to use the DTM indicator:

Look for price to enter the blue box for buy trades or red box for sell trades, then use any trade confirmation indicator you like to take the trade.
I like the Heikin Ash Ma, you can download it form the comments section here on mql5.

If price is in a red box then when price crosses down the Heiken Ashi Ma, then a sell trade is triggered with Green Target line and Red Stop Loss Line and vice versa for buy trades.

If the price reaches the red stoploss line before a trade is triggered then ignore trading that pair for that day.

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Версия 2.0 2019.06.20
Added: Popup Alert
Added: Email Alert
Added: On screen trade setup data
Added: Full explanation of trade setup in email
Версия 1.20 2019.06.15
I made it auto refresh on every new day.
Версия 1.10 2019.06.14
This version auto-detects the trend direction