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The Pearson Trend

Welcome to The Pearson Trend!!

My name is Murat Yazici. I am a purely mathematical trader. I have B.Sc. Statistics and M.Sc. Quantitative Methods degrees. I have several scientific papers, conference presentations in Texas, Toronto, London, Istanbul, books and book chapters studies, and many projects about mathematical and statistical modelling. I am also journal reviewer at some scientific journals such as Open Science Journal of Statistics and Application, Mathematical and Statistical Sciences, International Journal of Computational and Data Sciences, International Journal of Computers & Technology (IJCT), Biostatistics and Biometrics Open Access Journal (BBOAJ), and Biomedical Journal of Scientific & Technical Research (BJSTR).

What is The Pearson Trend's Logic?

It is based on A Fuzzy Model developed by me.

Vague or fuzzy data and application in several fields, such as psychometry, reliability, marketing, quality control,  ballistics,  ergonomy,  image  recognition,  artificial  intelligence,  etc.  A  typical  problem  where vague data arise is that of assigning numbers to subjective perceptions or to linguistic variables (such as  “enough”, “good”, “sufficiently”, etc.). In fact, there are many cases where observations cannot be known or quantified exactly, and, thus, we can only provide an approximate description of them, or intervals to enclose them. For instance, “in measuring the influence of character size on the reading ability of a video display  terminal  [ … ]  the  reading  ability  of  the  subject, which  is  essentially  the  experimental  output, depends  on  his/her  eyesight,  age,  the  environment,  individual  responses,  and  even  how  tired  is  the individual. Some of  these factors cannot be described accurately and [ …  ]  the best description of  these kinds of output is that they are fuzzy outputs” [1] [2]. 


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The Pearson Trend is suitable for M15 and above time frames. You can prefer to use H1 time frame and above for more robust results and reduce losses. You can use it on all major parity. However, I strongly recommend to use it on XAUUSD and GBPJPY. I use XAUUSD, GBPJPY, and USDCHF on my own trading activities. I generally use The Pearson Trend on my trading with a take profit as 10-15 pips on H1 timeframes. I take an advantage of MACD-Momentum.

To monitor: https://www.mql5.com/en/signals/584283

You should not feel trust with 100% for any EAs and/or indicators. You should have money and risk management strategies all the time for long term success.

If you have any current and/or further questions you can send me a message.


Murat YAZICI, M.Sc.


  1. H. Tanaka, H.  Ishibuchi,  Identification of possibilistic  linear  systems  by  quadratic membership  functions of fuzzy parameters, Fuzzy Sets Systems 41 (191) 145-160.
  2. H. Tanaka, H.  Ishibuchi, S. Yoshikawa, Exponential  possibility  regression  analysis, Fuzzy Sets Systems  69 (1995) 305-318.

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