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Big News Hedger Pro

Attention! Don't try to test the Expert Advisor in Tester. This is impossible because EA trades on news and gathering News Data in real time from Investing.com source. 

If you want to see real time Demonstration of how Big News Hedger Pro works - follow the link: www.myfxbook.com/members/PlaySten064/mt4-10512107/3307388 - EA installed on VPS since 9 April 2019 and you can check detailed statistic with statement and trades history.

Big News Hedger Pro trades only few specific "High Impact" news. Not all the "High Impact" news but only 5 specific kinds of news which produce the biggest volatility on the market. EA doesn't try to predict price direction, it uses special Hedging technique to follow the trend. So that it doesn't need to guess the price direction, it only needs strong movement which can be produced by high volatility in news time. Big News Hedger Pro DOESN'T USE MARTINGALE!

Big News Hedger Pro specified to trade only 7 pairs:



  • Doesn't try to predict price direction
  • Follows the trend
  • Catches the strongest market movements because trades only in specific time of specific "High Impact" news
  • Doesn't use martingale
  • Maximises profit by using floating, tuned profit target (trailing stop) (Can catch really big moves of 1000+ pip fully)
  • Shows news on the chart
  • When installed more than 1 pair at a time - trades only 1 pair at the same time to not reload the account (EA ignores other pairs signals while other is already opened)
  • Big News Hedger Pro is kind of "Slow and stable" EA rather than "Fast and risky"

Input parameters meaning:

  • GMT Offset of Your Broker's Time - Set the GMT offset of your broker for correct news feeding
  • Auto Magic - When TRUE this function automatically sets up the Magic Numbers for each pair
  • Magic Number if "Auto Magic" off - Magic Number should be different for each pair. Install it manually if "Auto Magic" = FALSE
  • Lot - Fixed Lot Size
  • Close all if MaxTrades reached - Additional safeguard. Closes whole basket if "MaxTrades" reached
  • MaxTrades - MaxTrades number for "Close all if MaxTrades reached" function
  • Start cycle with Pending Orders (Stop Orders) - When TRUE, EA starts cycle from pending (stop) orders
  • Pending orders distance - Distance for pending orders in pips for "Start cycle with Pending Orders (Stop Orders)" function
  • Close pending order when first pending is opened - Closes second pending order if other one is already triggered. For "Start cycle with Pending Orders (Stop Orders)" function
  • Max Spread - Max Spread
  • Pip Step - Distance in pips between heding orders
  • Take Profit - Profit Target in pips. If 0 - then special tuned trailing stop will still serve the orders
  • Stop Loss - Stop Target in pips. If 0 - then special tuned trailing stop will still serve the orders
  • Slippage - Max slippage to open orders

Important: Add http://ec.forexprostools.com link to the Allowed URL's in your MT4 Options-Expert Advisors. This link feeds news from investing.com


  • 0.01 lot per 1000 USD account

  • Leverage 1:400, 1:500 or higher

  • Hedging allowed

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