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CrossFX EA

CrossFX EA is an expert advisor that works on Moving Average Crosses on the main Symbols on H1 and H4 and even on M15. It works on Catching trend direction changes and then Trail Stopping to catch maximum profits and trying to avoid losses. 

It uses No martingale or Grid but does open up to 5 different Trades at every cross to maximize Profits by using different trail stop and Tp levels therefore Optimizing the amount of profits made in each cross. 

It uses very basic logic of crosses and all parameters are optimizable. 

  • Works on SImple and Exponential Fast and slow crosses of Moving averages on Timeframes like M15 H1 and H4
  • No Martingale
  • No Hedging
  • LongTerm Investments
  • Secure Stop Loss and Trail Stop functions

Please feel free to backtest and you will see the results for yourself. I will provide some sets in the comments section. But It is easily optimizable and I will also add some optimizing Instructions. 

Inputs Description:

  • Magic Numbers: Use Different Magic Numbers of each Trade.
  • Slow MA Period: Period Number for SLow MA
  • Type of MA
  • Fast MA Period: Period for the Fast MA. Must be lower than the Slow MA. 
  • Type Of Fast MA. 
  • Entry Per Bar: Use On each Bar or On each Tick setting for trading and entries. TRUE uses per bar. 
  • Lot Trades if MM is off : Use fixed Lots if next input is False. 
  • Use MM: Use Auto calculated lots depending on Balance. 
  • Risk. Description on Input.
  • Scale Lots. Uses Scaled lots for the 5 max trades allowed for Entering each croos. In Example 0.5 scaling down to 0.1
  • Number of Trades per Signal: Maximum of 5 trades per cross. Can be reduced. 
  • Use TP True or False
  • Tp
  • Use SL True or False
  • SL
  • Set Stop Loss on Slow MA. It overrides the SL and sets it if possible on Slow MA. Ideal for Scalping. 
  • Use classic Trailing on T1. Trade 1 uses Classic Trailing stop , Setting for this Trail below
  • Use Classic Trailing for rest of Trades. 
  • Use Trailing MA on T2 to T5. This option trails the stop loss on a MA slower than the cross. Maximizes profits. 
  • Trail Ma1 and M2 Period and types of Ma. 
  • Classic Trailing Stop for cases above if activated. 
  • Display Settings. Customizable for Display

NOTE IMPORTANT: Default settings are not valid. Please after purchase or Demo Download...please go to comments sections first comments and download example SETS. 

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