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Risk Control MT5

Risk Control is an expert for Analyzing, monitoring, Controlling account risks.

Strategy :

  • Analyze Each Currency Volume and Direction on Account and Sort Them
  • Find and Suggest Best Three Symbols in Opposite Direction (Hedging Positions) for Controlling Risk.
  • Analyze User-Defined Position and preview effect before placing /Closing

Features of EA :

  • Graphical Interface
  • Show Risk Graph for each currency
  • Smart Analyze and suggest best hedging positions
  • Preview risk effect of any new position on graph before opening
  • Ability to close or open user desired positions
  • Alert and notify account risky conditions
  • Show (by blinking currency), alert and notify before any news about account currencies

Using EA :

Using EA is so simple. Just attach on chart, EA Shows graph of currencies on account with buy and sell volumes. You have two options for controlling risks :

  1. Place Hedging Positions : EA suggest three best symbols,direction and volumes with one-click place-order option. You can change volume of symbols and limit the number of them to 1 or 2.
  2. Check Risk Of New Position Placing/Closing : If you place positions with this EA, You can preview the risk of your desired position on the graph before placing/Closing.

Input Parameters :

  • Prefix of Symbols : Input if your symbols have prefix. For example if your symbols are such as iEURUSD, input i in this field.
  • Show PopUp Alert When Volume of Currency Exceed : Show PopUp Alert, if volume of a currency exceed from defined value.
  • Send Notification When Volume of Currency Exceed : Send notification on mobile, if volume of a currency exceed from defined value.
  • Currency Volume Alert Limit : Volume limit for alert and notification.
  • Informing Before News :
    • Low Impact News Alarm
    • Minutes Before Low Impact News To Start Alarm
    • Medium Impact News Alarm
    • Minutes Before Medium Impact News To Start Alarm
    • High Impact News Alarm
    • Minutes Before High Impact News To Start Alarm
    • Show PopUp Alert On News
    • Send Notification On News
  • All other inputs are visually on chart.

Activating News Engine :

  • Enable "Allow Webrequest" on Tools/Options/Expert Advisors and add http://ec.forexprostools.com/ to the list.

Shortcut Group is ready to help you about using the EA, Please don't hesitate to contact me.

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Версия 1.1 2020.07.07
Added better compatibility with high resolution displays.