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This indicator is aimed and offered to the beginning trader, Of course it can also be of utmost importance for the advanced trader. 

If you don't know what instrument to trade then keeping an eye on volumes can be a good idea.

Who want's to trade a dead, barely moving instrument.

In fact, volumes was the only indicator that Nicholas Darvas used when he made $2,000,000 in the Stock Market.

This indicator reads and sorts volumes of all instruments visible in market watch, and displays them in one go.

This way it becomes possible to see the most active instruments, in the blink of an eye, where normally time consuming manual comparisons had to be made.

The best trade with the highest odds on a successful outcome will be the ones with the most attractive elements.

That does not only mean highest volumes, things like trends, spread, swaps, etc will also have to be considered.

Trading is like cooking a good soup, a good soup consists of the right ingredients, in the correct amounts. 

In this respect this indicator will solely reveal one, but an important ingredient in the trading soup. 

The best things in life are free and so is this indicator, If you want or need anything custom made based off of this principle feel free to leave me a message so we can discuss it.

If you want to find other important ingredients, feel free to check out my other products.

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