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Flower Reverse

Flower Reserve 

The Flower Reserve  Expert Advisor is able to trade in fully automatic mode or manage orders opened by user.This is a very useful tool for you, but avoid big news and illiquid markets.

  • Before using the EA on a real account, test it with minimal risk or on a demo account;
  • Use VPS server ;
  • ECN account with low spreads + low commissions + quality execution;
  • Compound interest: 0.01 Lots per 300 (USD);
  • Trade mainstream currency pairs;
  • 1 hour time frame is recommended
  • You can also use the 1 minute time frame, But it is risky;

  • Maxspreed 
  • SL_Point - fixed stop loss
  • size_n - minimum distance between orders
  • Lots - fixed trade size, if the value of UseMM is "false".
  • DecreaseFactor - lot multiplier for the second and subsequent orders (0~0.6)
  • UseMM - amount of the deposit, for which to use Lot when UseMM is enabled
  • PercentMM - lot multiplier for the second
  • Renko_put_All - Open position in the opposite direction conditions at the same time to cover short and long
  • Renko_put  - Open position in the opposite direction to cancel the order in the current direction
  • MFTS_SYM  - One-way profit protection
  • MFTS  - Both sides want to protect profits
  • MTSD  - Minimum amount of profit protection
  • MTSS  - Profit protection amount
  • HourMinStart1 -the EA operation start time 
  • HourMinFinish1 -the EA operation end time
  • MaxOrdersTotal - Maximum order quantity allowed
  • Max_SL_CloseAll - Maximum loss stop loss(USD)
  • UseTrailingStop   - Trace stop switch
  • TrailingStop  - Minimum trace stop
  • minprofit - Track stop start parameters
  • MAGICMA - magic number of the EA.
  • ATRMultiplier - EA parameters,5~10

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Версия 1.1 2019.04.20
Fixed a minor opening error