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T Price Action

T Price Action Platform Expert Advisor (TPA) is a quantitative driven platform to generate, build, test and run multiple price action strategies.

Traders can use the platform to research into various price action patterns, backtest, optimize and builds own’s diversified trading portfolios for all FX/ alternative markets.

*Important: p.m me for TPA manual. The manual includes detailed parameter settings, pre-set files, strategy generation process, useful guide and tips!

Price Action Strategies

  • Momentum Continuation/ Momentum Reversal
  • Volatility Breakout
  • Volatility Breakout Continuation/ Reversal
  • Trend Retracement/ Trend Reversal
  • Support/ Resistance Breakout/ False Breakout
  • Momentum - Consolidation Breakout/Reversal


FX Majors and crosses, Commdities, Futures, Indices and Cryptocurrencies

Timeframe  H4, H1, M30, M15, M5, M1

Default setting is EURUSD H1 Momentum Continuation Strategy.

You can find my set files and other users’ contributed set files here



  • 8 pre-provided set files to give you templates how to build each PA system. These strategies have been tested for 14 year period (2005-2019) with 99% quality tick data, variable spreads/slippage/execution delay
  • 8 entry/6 different Price Action strategies based on trend, momentum, volatility, support/resistance to trade multiple market conditions (trending/sideway/volatile)
  • Build your own diversified FX portfolio using different Price Action systems. Multi systems – Multi Timeframes – Multi pairs
  • User guide/ System building process are available (p.m me for TPA detailed manual). I will provide support for the best settings and strategy building process
  • EA concepts are built based on market quantitative characteristics 
  • Customizable trade management (Trailing Stop, Breakeven, Time/Trend/Volatility Filters)
  • Does not use hedge, grid, martingale or any dangerous money management techniques. Each trade is independent and has positive average pip per trade by exploiting specific market inefficiencies.
  • Can run on all brokers’ execution types. It is not sensitive to broker’s spreads, slippage or execution delay
  • FIFO and low leverage account compatible

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Версия 1.2 2019.04.19
v1.2: fixed minor bug with TimeFrame settings