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Real Diver Utility

REAL DIVER UTILITY is a semi-automatic advisor (utility) whose task is to manage market orders and close deals based on indicator signals:




Why do YOU need this utility?

Traders who use indicators DIVER POWER or REAL POWER complain that:

  • Signals to close deals arrive at an inconvenient time for them (night time or while users are at work…) thus users are physically unable to close deals in time.
  • PUSH and email notifications about the need to close deals (due to the poor performance of MQL services) come with a significant delay, so users cannot close deals in time.
  • Manual trailing Take Profit for open trades at 0% FIBO takes a lot of time and attention.

REAL DIVER UTILITY will help solve these problems! This semi-automatic expert will independently oversee the price movement and close all deals in time!

In other words - YOU use the indicators DIVER POWER or REAL POWER and open market orders by their signals, and REAL DIVER UTILITY will close them!

Market orders are closed according to the following conditions:

  • When the POWER line (the oscillator line in a separate window) has reached the level for closing deals.
  • When the quotes have reached the level of 0% FIBO-CHANNEL (or any other% FIBO extension, which you specify in the manual settings of the indicator).

How to use this utility?

  • Put the utility on the schedule of quotations.
  • Set the Alert levels in the utility's manual settings where you want the utility to close trades. The default level for BUY trades is “0.001”, and for SELL trades the level is “-0.001”.
  • Set the FIBO-CHANNEL level in the manual settings where you want the utility to close the deals. The default level for BUY deals is “+ 23.5%”, and for SELL deals, the level is “–23.5%”.
  • After you open a deal, REAL DIVER UTILITY will wait for the necessary conditions to come, and close the deal (or a series of deals) at the signal of the DIVER POWER or REAL POWER indicator.

Everything is simple and convenient!

Darin 2019.05.11 14:42 

I have been using both the Price Action Real Power and Diver Power for months and this semi EA will be a very good add on to my arsenal especially when it becomes a fully automated EA in future for both the indicators. Excellent work Igor!!

Версия 1.3 2019.04.17
Graphics are disabled. Now the utility and indicators DIVER POWER and REAL POWER can be used on the same chart quotes without conflict between graphical objects.