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Channel Xi

(do not test without loading one of the set files . and downloading the required indicators)

live trading monitor  https://www.mql5.com/en/signals/577796

channel Xi is a fully automated expert with simple inputs and a very powerful formula programmed to enter the markets and make a profit as fast as possible .

no dangerous methods used such as  Grid or martingale .  only ST AND TP  (the expert can open multiple trades in one direction )

It has passed since 2010 of 99% real tick data and real variable spread 


  • EnterRvrAtMrkPrfTrg - Long profit target
  • EnterRvrAtMrkStpLss  Long stop lose
  • EnterRvrAtMrkPrfTrg2 Short profit target
  • EnterRvrAtMrkStpLss2  Short stop lose
  •  Risk percent - risk fixed percentage of balance
  •  Max lots - the biggest lot size allowed
  •  Max Trades Per Day - the maximum number of trades allowed in one day
  • mmDecimals - size round ( put 2 )
  • mmLotsIfNoMM - size without money management (  put 0.01)
  • GMT -  server time zone - if you broker using GMT+3 the  input should be -3 . if borker using GMT2+ the input should be -2 and so on


  • Use only on EUR/USD
  • Test the EA on a Demo account first
  • Time-frame 1H only
  • Minimum deposit 250$ 
  • Leverage 1:500
  • Default risk 5%
  • Medium risk 8 %
  • High risk 10 %
  • Extreme risk 12%

Requirements :

  • VPS Server
  • Broker allow Hedge

-----------------------------------------------------------------EXTREMELY IMPORTANT!!------------------------------------------------------------ 

  •  1 - this ea use some of the indicators that are not available in mt4 terminal 

so before testing or buying please download the indicators and put them in mt4 indicators folder 

otherwise it will fail to trade  !!!

please download them from the comment section above  also download  the set files ( the default setting not optimized )

  • 2 -  this is not an every day trading robot   , (the average yearly trade are 60 trades ) 

in order to get exactly the same result please make sure

using 99% tick data ( the test was done using tick data suite )

and both data and EA setting time zone is GMT 0

( otherwise you will get a different DD )

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Версия 1.31 2019.04.11
add GMT time zone
Версия 1.20 2019.04.09
improve test speed