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Fire Scalper

Fire Scalper is 100% automated EA with no use of martingale, grid and arbitrage etc. All trades have a Stop Loss!

The robot analyzes the market volatility and trend direction, follows strong supply and demand movements placing buy / sell stop orders in the direction of the trend, activating the trailing stop, so as to capture the greatest possible profit from the strong main movement.

All tests are performed at 99.90%. I also used the Variable Spread and high level of slippage.

The Expert advisor shows that it can withstand high levels of slippage and spreads. however, we recommend the use of a Reliable broker and ECN


  1. Broker with a minimum StopLoss level of 0 pips
  2. To get the same result as I get, you should use ECN brokers that offer low spreads
  3. For successful robot operation, it is important to use VPS server that is located in the same location of your broker's server(low ms)
  4. Brokers that offer low commissions will significantly increase your profit
  5. The EA has been optimized for major pair with M1 TimeFrame, usually i use EURUSD, GBPUSD, USDCAD, USDCHF and others
  6. The minimum deposit is 100 USD

You can decrease the Drawdown by decreasing the Risk parameter.


It's very important to have a low ping with the broker server, Therefore, it is recommended to use a VPS server which is located in the same location of your broker's server.


  • Risk:automated lot calculation (0 disabled)
  • Lot: Fixed lot (0 disabled) 
  • MagicNumber: magic number: magic number
  • Max_spread: Max spread to open order
  • Slippage: Slippage used in Order
  • Stop_Loss: Stop loss in points
  • Take_Profit: Take profit in points
  • Stop Level Min: Stop Level coefficient
  • Volatily Percentage: Enable volatily percentage
  • Reverse_Mode: Reverse Mode
  • Min_Lot: Minimum lot for trade
  • Max_Lot: Maximum lot for trade
  • Order_Comment: your personal comment in orders (your broker can see it)
  • Add_Gap: Add gap to entry order distance
  • Trailing Start: Trailing Start in point
  • Max Volatily: Max volatily for trade
  • Bollinger_Bands_Periods: Ma Periods for BB indicator
  • Bollinger Bands Deviation: Standard Dev multiplier for BB indicator
  • Close Bars: after X bars close the trade

Before using a real account, try the consultant with minimal risk or a demo account

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