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Account Monitor Email

The MetaTrader Account Monitor Email Indicator will send you an email alert containing important details about your trades, broker, and account(s). You will be able to easily monitor all of your trading activity and account details such as margin level and open/closed trades throughout the day without having to open and flip around the MetaTrader app.

IMPORTANT- MetaTrader's email alert function must be set up for this indicator to work. Please set this up and make sure the test email arrives in your inbox prior to purchasing this indicator. Easy Instructions on how to set this up can be found here http://www.fxmike.com/metatrader/metatrader-email-alert-set-up/

IMPORTANT- Your Metatrader platform and indicator chart must be open for the emails to send. If you are not using a VPS and your computer shuts down the emails will not send until MetaTrader is relaunched.

Features of the Indicator:

  • Ability to set 14 email send times.
  • Option to add descriptive text to the email.
  • Broker’s account name automatically appears on the subject line.
  • Option to add additional subject text which will appear after the broker name.

Account Information appearing in email:
  • Current P/L (minus swap and commission)
  • Current open order count
  • Current Equity and Balance
  • Broker’s leverage, used margin, free margin, broker stop out %, account’s current % of margin
  • Open positions along with size, P/L (minus swap and commission), pips, entry price, current price, commission, swap total, open date and time.
  • Pending orders
  • Closed positions along with position’s profit/loss (minus swap and commission), commission, swap, open/close date and time.


  • Subject [Optional text Input which will appear in your email's subject line next to your broker/account name which appears by default]
  • Notes [Optional text input to add a note to the bottom of your email if desired]
  • Closed History [Dropdown input with choice of day, week, or month. This is the look back timeframe of your closed position summary area]
  • PosX [Number Input which will position the chart label horizontally]
  • PosY [Number Input which will position the chart label vertically]
  • FontColor [Input to choose the color of the chart label]
  • AlertTime 1-14 [Input to set email send times. The send times are based on the server time]

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