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Wu Dao Qian Kun

        EA uses advanced algorithms to find entry points, advanced entry and exit filters. EA does not need to optimize or any other configuration, one order at a time, no resistance to orders, no warehousing, no grid; trading in multiple currencies, can share loss risk, all orders are 20 stop loss, risk controllable, flexible and intelligent risk management system, advanced entry and exit strategy algorithm.

"Please use EURUSD/GBPUSD/EURGBP/AUDUSD/AUDCAD/EURCAD/USDCAD/EURAUD/EURCHF/USDCHF/GBPCHF Equal Currency to M15 Cycle;Please use the EA in the ICMarket/TickMill ECN account. Please test or simulate the EA before using the real offer to understand its risks."Minimum Deposit Fund $100

Real-time Account Monitoring/TickMill ECN:https://www.mql5.com/zh/signals/558539

Real-time Account Monitoring/ICMarket ECN:https://www.mql5.com/zh/signals/567132

TickMill ECN account /Registered Commission discount


ICMarket ECN account /Registered Commission discount


parameter (Suggested default)

Timeframe: M15

1、Maximum Point Difference   — Point difference restriction;

2、 Start Time — Procedure Open Trading Time;

3、 Closing Time —  Procedure closure time;

4、 Fixed — Custom Fixed Transactions ;

5、 Fund Management — Fund Management Switch;

6、 Risk Management — The greater the value, the greater the risk;

7、 Stop Loss — Fixed stop loss;

8、 Target Profit — Fixed stop profit;

9、 Margin Occupancy — Margin ratio lower than no new orders。

wmsjhuan 2019.05.02 05:52 

I will continue to focus on EA's performance.

Версия 4.10 2019.05.02
1、Weekend suspension switch added。
Версия 3.30 2019.05.01
Update data operation.
Версия 3.10 2019.04.23
1、Adding EA custom magic parameters;
2、Adding EA custom comment parameters。