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Alexander is a multi-currency grid trading robot which trades based on currency strengths. It monitors available market symbols to find strong/weak currencies and trades symbols of which one is strong and the other is weak.

The EA uses grid if market goes against the initial trade. First few orders of the grid use the same lot sizes follow up trades are incremented. The grid can be limited -- see later.

Trades are only opened if the free margin is below a preset limit. 3 types of stop loss are present: a 500 point limit in case of connection problems (is always extended if necessary), a per symbol maximum drawdown (see later) and a global equity protection (see later).

If there are trade signals on highly correlated pairs only one is taken (the one with the lowest spread).

The default parameters are the recommended settings. This EA requires a sufficiently large account (10k USD for 0.01 lots -- can work on cent based accounts too). Overtrading exponentially increases the chance of loss!

Attach to any chart, any timeframe. Attach to 1 chart only.

Expert parameters:

  • MaxUsedMargin: (default 10) upper limit of used margin percentage. EA will open a new basket only if used margin is below this limit
  • LotBalanceRatio: (default 0.01) the multiplier used to calculate initial lot size for a new basket. Formula is: lots = (balance+credit)/10000*LotBalanceRatio
  • MaxInitialLotSize: (default 0.2) the maximum lot size EA may open for the basket's first trade. If LotBalanceRatio would result in a larger lot size this maximum will be used
  • AllowNewTrades: (default true) if true new baskets may be opened (if false, only recovery positions are allowed)
  • MaxSymbolDDPercent: (default 8) the maximum drawdown percent a single symbol may have before stopping out. If reached all trades of that symbol are closed with loss.
  • EquityProtection: (default 80) the percent of equity to protect. Meaning: close all trades if floating drawdown causes equity to drop below this percent of balance. (formula is: floating% = (balance + floating_profit) / balance)
  • MagicNumber: the magic number to use to distinguish trades from other EAs
  • ForcedPairs (default empty) trade only these pairs (comma separated list). If empty all available pairs in Market Watch might be traded (you should enable all symbols in terminal)
  • Suffix: (default empty) the common symbol suffix if account has one (could be empty, "micro", "x", etc.)
  • GridSpacingMin: (default 30) the minimum number of points between trades in a basket. EA calculates the grid based on daily ATR, this parameter enforces only a minimum
  • Martingale: (default 1.5) the lot size multiplier for use in the grid
  • MartingaleShiled: (default 4) do not increase the trade volume for this many trades in each basket
  • MaxTradeLengthHours: (default 0) if >0 all open trades are closed after being open for this many hours

Warning: trading this EA should be considered risky. Do not trade money you cannot afford to lose.

However, trading this EA can bring such results: https://www.mql5.com/en/signals/488428

Note: the EA cannot be properly backtested. Please do a forward test to evaluate performance.

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Версия 1.6 2019.05.06
Fixed possible multiple unwanted entries when EA has hedged positions
Версия 1.5 2019.04.30
Improved robustness of basket calculations.
Версия 1.4 2019.04.02
EA is not backtestable with restrictions (initial entries are random due to MT4 limitations -- no reliable info on other symbols)
Версия 1.3 2019.03.26
Added missing input "ForcedPairs"