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Price Trap GU H1

Best pair : GBP/USD, EUR/NZD, GBP/NZD timeframe: H1

Backtest from 1/1/2017-19/03/2019 Deposit 3000$ can make 7500$ in 2 years with defaut setting. Please view in my attach image.

IF you want to more profit you can change profit target is 20$ or 25$ in setting. I change target 25$ can make 1000$ to 3800$ in 1 years from 1/1/2018 to 19/3/2018. Please view in my attach image.

Most of EA use Technical analysis, but my Ea do not use it. My Ea use Mathematical theory so it don't Risk 

Require equity 2000$. At least 1000$. Pleáe use VPS or use computer 24/24.

Follow signal of EA : https://www.mql5.com/en/signals/556910

Two scenarios are possible:

  • Scenario 1: When RSI <30 take buy or RSI >70 take sell and hits your Take Profit. The trade is closed and your profit is fixed.
  • Scenario 2: If the trade do not hit your Take profit. Don't worry. A trade to the opposite direction is opened with different lot size in Recovery activation level. Again, for this order a pending order is placed hedging the new position. This procedure is repeated with any change in market direction unless the Take Profit is hit and all trades are closed with combined profit

Price trap EA is no risk tool to turn losing trades into winning trades by using a smart recovery zone hedging mechanism. I call it the "Never Lose Again Strategy". Let the price move to anywhere it likes - the awesome Price trap - No risk EA will make profits out of the situation. 

longchun01 2019.03.31 07:11 

Workwell so far. Not only work with GU, can use for another H1 chart. No need to look at computer once RSI 70, the EA do it automatically. This EA replace my old EA send message through phone when RSI 70. Save up a lot of time to do another work. Also, it's reasonable price, try 1 month to see how it go, and u see it will worth every cents u spend.

Duc Ngo Minh
Duc Ngo Minh 2019.03.22 13:37 

Very good product ^^