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Universal Binary Arrow Backtester and Optimizer

Universal Binary Arrow Backtester / Optimizer is a tool which allows you to easily backtest and autooptimize ANY of yours MT4 arrow indicator under the work for Binary Options. It shows you WinRate for current arrow, number of succesfull trades and possible profit calculated with Lot $ and Commission in %'s which you setup in input parameters.

Check out the application in action with detailed instruction [Video demonstration below]

Number of functions:

  • Binary Options Backtest for ANY of yours MT4 arrow indicators 
  • Expiration Optimization (Program scans through the list of Expirations and shows you the best one with the highest WinRate in %'s)
  • Possibility to apply TimeFilter
  • Possibility to apply Bollinger Bands filtration

With this utility your Binary Options research taken to the next level of Speed and Quality. You can backtest and optimize your arrow indicator IN A MINUTES!

Input Parameters:

  • IndicatorName = File name of the indicator which you are going to test
  • IndiBufferCall = Signal Buffer Up ("Call")  (Detailed installment instruction shown in video below)
  • IndiBufferPut = Signal Buffer Down ("Put")  (Detailed installment instruction shown in video below)
  • Expiry_Minutes = Expiration in Minutes for trade the signal
  • Bars_For_Test = How many Bars to test in history
  • Find_Best_Expiration = TRUE/FALSE turn ON/OFF the function to find the best Expiration from the list of "Expires"
  • Expires = "1,5,15,30,60,120,240" // List of expirations to be scanned in the function Find_Best_Expiration 
  • Lot_In_Dollars = Backtesting Lot per 1 trade (In dollars)
  • Commission = Broker commission in %'s
  • BB_FIlter = TRUE/FALSE turn ON/OFF Bollinger Bands filtration (Trade SELL only if price is higher than MAX bb line / Trade BUY only if price is lower than MIN bb line)
  • Bands_Period = Bollinger Bands Period for BB_Filter
  • Bands_Dev = Bollinger Bands Deviation for BB_Filter
  • TimeFilter = TRUE/FALSE turn ON/OFF filtration by hours
  • TimeFiltering1 = "1st Trading Session" (Example below shows fitration setup to trade from 11:00 till 21:00)
  • beginHour = Hour to start trade
  • beginMinute = Minute to start trade
  • endHour = Hour to stop trade
  • endMinute = Minuteto start trade
  • TimeFiltering2 = "2nd Trading Session" (Example below shows fitration setup to trade from 11:00 till 21:00)
  • beginHour2 = Hour to start trade
  • beginMinute2 = Minute to start trade
  • endHour2 = Hour to stop trade
  • endMinute2 = Minuteto start trade
  • TimeFiltering3 = "Closing time for news or something" (Example below shows fitration setup to NOT trade from 13:00 till 14:00)
  • beginHour3 = Start Hour to PAUSE trade
  • beginMinute3 = Start Minute to PAUSE trade
  • endHour3 = End Hour to PAUSE trade
  • endMinute3 = End Minute to PAUSE trade

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