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Private Copy Trade MT4

This product is the idea to copy your order from One MT4 to Other MT4 in a single computer. It could helpful to run manual trade in one Broker and also expand to many Broker as well. Bot need run 2 account's terminals in a single computer to share a data file in the share-common directory.


Using with WebRequest Download, then can work a single account in one computer to a single account in  another computer.

Trader can multiply the order size in the slave account.

It is a single bot, to be act as Master or Slave.

It can use one Master to many Slaves.

Using Input Login same to Account Login, then It will act as MASTER.

Using Input Login different to Account Login, then It will act as SLAVE and looking to copy the trade from MASTER's Account login.


Using FTP it can send trading records from any trade terminal to where can copy trade far away.

1) Send a trade record  binary file to our web-server  via ftp-server. 

2) Run WebRequest  Download MT4 or WebRequest Downloal MT5 from another computer for slave-mode Private Copy Trade MT4 or Private Copy Trade MT5




  • Source_Login =266852   
  • Multiply_Factor =1
  • Delay_Secound =1

//data filename of private copy trade as below

//sample "copytrade_266852.BIN"


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