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SAW grid Hedging EA

WARNING: SAW grid Hedging EA is a Grid  Hedging Martingale based trading strategy., since the principle is based on multi-currency trading, that is, the robot opens several positions at once on different instruments. 

SAW grid Hedging EA EA is an efficient trading strategy developed especially for recommended symbol is


. However, if it is used wisely it can be adapted and applied for almost any trading instrument.


The grid based trading techniques are a very controversial topic in the trader’s community. The reason for this is the following - used properly with proper risk and settings, they can generate consistent gains relatively safe with performance incomparable with any other trading strategy. On the other hand in certain circumstances they fail dramatically. The key elements for the success of any grid based trading are the applied risk and the right entry and exit trading logic.

SAW grid Hedging EA is designed to capture the right moment for initial entry into the market and for the following network-based exceptions. The second security line for additional trades is unique and is not present in any other EA network in the market. This feature allows for "high-frequency" speculation, when the price is in a tight range, as well as a second line of off-the-shelf recovery if the market price breaks in the wrong direction. The Grid Hedging Martingale expert enters hedges with the new trend. . The second line of recovery operations starts with compensation only in the extreme stretch of the "wrong" trend market, with a very strong market reversal pattern


Time Frame:

30 Minute Time frame

Minimum recommended amount and Leverage :

Min Recommended Leverage: 1:400 or More.

Min Recommended Deposit : 2000USD or Equivalent amount.

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