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Why not trade with the Gauss distribution ? The algorithm is combining several criteria. At first the statistical distribution of random numbers. Second the value and movement of the rate and third the influence of time. You will be surprised how effectively this can be. 

Additionally this EA helps you with the risk management. It is only necessary to define the stop loss and the maximum risk in percent of your equity.

Description of the parameters

  • StopLoss - StopLoss value in Points
  • RiskPercent - Risk percentage (% of equity)
  • ProfitPercent - Expected profit (% of balance)
  • StopAfterProfit - Stop trading day after profit

Example for USATEC 100 (NAS100):

  • StopLoss: 3500 (= 35 USD)
  • RiskPercent: 5
  • ProfitPercent: 2
  • StopAfterProfit: yes


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