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Advanced Renko and Heiken Ashi Candle Trader

Advanced Renko and Heiken Ashi Candle Trader (Not suitable for strategy tester)

Advanced Renko and Heiken Ashi Candle Trader is ONE STOP SOLUTION based semi automated multi-currency EA carefully engineered for traders to enter the trade based on Traders Manual Analysis for scalping, trend trading, candle breakout trades and also for automated news trading with inbuilt trade management solution. Note: This EA is only a tool to assist trader to get an entry into a trade and to manage the trade by itself.


  • No grid / Martingale
  • Works on both Renko charts and classic Heiken Ashi charts


  • Multi Currency Management
  • Spread and Slippage Filter
  • Entry Mode
  • Global Strategy Candle Context
  • Session Filter
  • Candle vs Moving Average Filter
  • Candle Breakout Trade
  • Trade Position Type
  • Order Management
  • Exit Strategy
  • One Time Trade
  • Maximum open Trades Per Day


Multi - Symbol  Management

  • Expert ID(Must be unique) - trading concurrently on several charts without order management clash

Global Strategy Candle Context

  • Normal Candles - Recommended only for renko charts.
  • Heiken Ashi Candles - Recommended for both renko charts and classic Heiken Ashi time chart.

Entry Mode

  • Single  - Open trades only if there is no other open position
  • Multiple - Open trades on close of every same directional candle. Also Known as profit scaling Method( Recommended for renko charts during High volatility market conditions and Major News events).
Entry Filters

1. Session Manager    - TRUE / FALSE
  • Session 1 Start time ("HH:MM") - Note: All Session times are in Broker Server time
  • Session 1 End time   ("HH:MM")
  • Session 2 Start time ("HH:MM")
  • Session 2 End time   ("HH:MM")    
  • Session 3 Start time ("HH:MM")
  • Session 3 End time   ("HH:MM")

2. Candle vs Moving Average

  • Position Candles - (Full Body, Close, Open) : Buy or Sell trade according to the selected position of candle is above or below the selected moving average filter or combinations of moving average filter. (Note: Atleast   one moving average filter should be enabled to apply position candles filter)

  • MA Filter 1 - True / False
    • MA Period
    • MA Shift
    • MA Period
    • MA Method
    • MA Price Type
  • MA Filter 2 - True / False
    • MA Period
    • MA Shift
    • MA Period
    • MA Method
    • MA Price Type

  • MA Filter 3 - True / False
    • MA Period
    • MA Shift
    • MA Period
    • MA Method
    • MA Price Type

3. Maximum Open Trades per day(0: Infinite) - Allows only this number of trades to be open each day within EA operating session and considering a day starts at broker server time 00:00

4. Candle Breakout Trade - TRUE / FALSE : If true trades will be entered only when current candle closes above or below previous candle High or Low (Note: Compatible only with "Global Strategy Context: Normal   Candles"  Recommended for Renko Chart).

5. Trade Position Type - Long Only, Short Only, Long and Short.

6. Max Spread(Points) - 0 : Unrestricted

Order Management

1. Order

  • Lot Size                                                           - Fixed
  • Take Profit(Points)                                           - (0:Off)
  • Stop Loss(Points)                                             - (0:Off)
  • Slippage(Points)
2. Break Even and Trailing Stop                               - True / False
  • Break even after Points in Profit(Points)           - amount of Points trades needs to move before triggering break even
  • Break even SL Position(Points)                         - Offset from entry price in points to lock the profit.
  • Continue to trail After Break even                   - True/False 
    • SL Drag Distance (Points)                       - trailing distance in points.
3. Exit

  • Consecutive Opposite Candles(1+)(0:Off)          - Exit the trade on close of opposite directional candle.( Recommended only for Renko (Optional) )

One Time Trade

  • Disable Trading          - True / False. If true, no new trades will be opened after the close of current trade, unless EA is restarted
  • Alerts             - True / False. If true, send alerts with message "Symbol: trade closed (TP OR SL) EA Disabled" 

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