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Elephant Strategy Stable

Limited special offer NOW !


[ Easy, Safe and Profitable. ]

15 Years tested (2004-2018) on MetaQuotes-Demo server.  (USDJPY 1:50   10,000 USD  ->  228,145 USD)
No input variables needed.
Fully automatic trading (opening and closing positions with profitable price).

H1 Only
Minimum deposit : 8,000 USD  (Recommended : 10,000 or higher)
Minimum leverage : 50
* Please DO NOT WITHDRAW or trade manually when positions are already open by Elephant Strategy.
* Be patient with it. And you won’t get disappointed :)

Detecting relative high/low price with Double Bollinger Bands (DBB). (Download the corresponding Chart Template)
Adjusting trading lots with Mechanical Value Averaging Investment Strategies (MVA).
Fine-tuning best Closing timing with trends and Spreads.

Input Variables
No variables needed. It’s fully automatic.

According to Kathy Lien’s theory, there are 95% trades (ticks) within DBB (Double Bollinger Bands). Hence, the prices lower than DBB are highly possibly relative low prices. Or we can say that is an over-sell condition. So we developed Elephant Strategy to catch these trade opportunities. And we have been successful.
Considering intense price fluctuations of Forex, we control the Margin Level to avoid the risk of Stop Loss.
All versions of Elephant Strategy have been tested and passed in last 15 years with MT5 Strategy Tester.

Download the demo, and try it now !

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Версия 1.3 2019.05.20
Profit optimization.
Версия 1.2 2019.02.21
Refine system messages.
Версия 1.1 2019.02.20
Refine system messages.