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Skill PRO EA

Skill PRO EA

General Recommendations

The minimum deposit is 1000 USD,  default settings reccomend for GBPUSD  H1.

  • No matrigel
  • No double lots
  • No recovery zone
  • No hedge
  • Single order have take profit and stoploss
  • Europe market open time
  • User Broker time

Input parameters

(GBPUSD H1 use default setting)

  • Lots =0.1  : lot size is set by a user.
  • Take Profit in point=680 : real take profit in points. 
  • Stoploss in point=550 : real stop loss in point.
  • Magic Number=91199 : magic number of the EA, which allows it to distinguish its orders.
  • Start time trade=06:00 : Broker time (Europe market open)
  • End time trade=21:00  : Broker time (USD market close)

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